Books for Military Families

Kitsap County is a military county. It was difficult to miss this fact when I recently moved to this area from out of state. While doing storytimes with young families, I was immediately struck by how many dads and moms were serving our country, both overseas and locally. It got me thinking about how difficult it must be for a child when one of their grownups is away for six months or more. While the spouses I run into are tough and matter-of-fact about the situation - I know it must be difficult for them.

Picture Books Authored by Celebrities

I have always found it fascinating to learn about children’s picture books authored by celebrities. More often than not, these books are interesting to read, because they are a product of the personalities we know and love from TV, music, politics, and sport. I always read them when I find them on the shelves, and tuck the titles into the back of my head. The knowledge of them often comes up at some later point, when I can say something like, “Hey, speaking of John Travolta…did you know he wrote a picture book for kids!”


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