Book Lust with Nancy Pearl

This week, we welcome special guest bloggers, Erika Miller, Laura Richardson, and Myndie Petersen, from the Silverdale Library, Port Orchard Library and the Coeur de'Alene Public Library respectively.

 What do you like in a book? Do you reach for fast-paced, page-turners? Do you like reading about characters that jump off the page? Do you want to be taken away to a different time or place? Or do you like to marvel at how an author uses words?

Spring into Author Visits

Spring is officially here and with it comes a fresh new crop of authors visiting the Kitsap Regional Library. Through our Meet the Author events we want to share new ideas and perspectives; create connections between reader and writer; and help foster a sense of belonging to a greater community of readers, writers, and creators. If you haven't had a chance to come to one of our author visits, this season gives a wide variety opportunities. 

One Book One Community: Kitsap Reads Garth Stein's "A Sudden Light"

Summer 2016.  

For the first time in Kitsap Regional Library history, adults participating in Summer Learning by reading at least 10 hours between June and August would receive a book prize.  The book, the One Book One Community selection, was shrouded in secrecy until September when it would be officially announced.  Those who received their book prize would have a sneak peek.  

Amongst the library folk there was concern: would adults actually want the book?  

We shouldn't have worried.  

A Selection of Favorites 2016

As the two librarian selectors for adult fiction and nonfiction at the Kitsap Regional Library, Gail Goodrick and I are usually focused on the future, on what’s coming out next, working to add titles to the collection when they are fresh and new.  As the year winds to a close, we recently took a break to reflect back on some of the books that have stood out, focusing on books that have staying power, because of their subjects, quality of writing and relevance to the world we live in today.

Gail’s Nonfiction Favorites:

Presidential elections: the primary edition

Presidential elections are such interesting things.  So many nuances. The combination of federal, state, and county rules can be confusing.  With presidential hopefuls visiting our state, and the Democratic party's caucus next week, I wanted to share some resources I've found that can help give further information if you're interested in learning more about the election process.

Fiction to Read in Early 2016

With the end of the year drawing towards its close many are using this time to reflect back, take stock, put things into perspective,  and make 'best of' lists.  If you're interested in catching up with reading, have a look at EarlyWord's downloadable spreadsheet.  If, however, you're ready to put 2015 behind you and look squarely toward the future of 2016, I have some reading suggestions for you. Expect to see the titles in the online catalog beginning in January. (All descriptions are provided by the publisher)

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