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See Bookmobile Schedule
See Bookmobile Schedule
See Bookmobile Schedule
See Bookmobile Schedule
See Bookmobile Schedule
See Bookmobile Schedule
Bookmobile Administrative Center
1301 Sylvan Way
Bremerton , WA 98310
Phone: +1 (360) 405-9112

The Kitsap Regional Library Bookmobile is your Library on wheels!

We offer a collection of materials and most services that you would find in any of Kitsap Regional Library’s locations. And if we don’t have what you want, we can get it for you! Get a Library card, request and pick up materials on hold, or get research assistance. The Bookmobile’s biweekly visits provide a place where neighbors gather and are greeted by friendly library people who are always eager to help you find what you need.

The Bookmobile’s schedule is updated quarterly and you can find it in the calendar above and in the Library’s Inspire Magazine.

For further information about the Bookmobile location, please call 360-405-9112 or email bookmobile@krl.org.

You Can Keep It For...

4 Weeks Books, magazines, music, DVDS (four hours or longer)
2 Weeks DVDs
Renew If no one is waiting for your item, you may renew it three times.




Bookmobile History at Kitsap Regional Library

In 1947 a naming contest was held for the Library’s first bookmobile. Children throughout the county chose the name Molly, and a naming tradition was established that has lasted nearly 70 years.

Molly began operations in May 1947, making nine runs every two weeks. In 1954, a second bookmobile, named Little Chief, was purchased for community runs and Molly was reserved for service to schools. In 1982, Molly and Little Chief were retired and the Library purchased a bright yellow van which was named Buttercup. In 2008, Buttercup was replaced by the 28-foot custom built bookmobile named Violet. These days Violet runs on  two-week schedule visiting 20 different locations throughout Kitsap County. This bookmobile was paid for entirely by donations.