Death and Dying

By: Brisson, Pat.
When his teacher, Miss Perry, is killed in a car accident, Stevie and his elementary school classmates take turns sharing memories of her, especially her fondest wish for each day.
By: Brown, Laurene Krasny.
Explains in simple language the feelings people may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to honor the memory of someone who has died.
By: Castellucci, Cecil, 1969-
Heartbroken when her beloved grandmother passes away, a little girl works through her grief by resolving to keep their flower garden in bloom and remembering the loving times they shared.
By: Cochran, Bill, 1966-
Making a pact with his pet pooch, Corky, to stay together forever, little Mike doesn't know what to make of the situation when he comes home from school and finds Corky isn't there to greet him, in an emotional tale about love and loss.
By: Curtis, Jessica Lynn.
After her beloved grandfather dies, Jessie is very sad until Papa, now "shiny and twinkly," visits her one night to explain about death and give her a glimpse of Heaven.
By: DePaola, Tomie, 1934-
Four-year-old Tommy enjoys his relationship with both his grandmother and great-grandmother, but eventually learns to face their inevitable death.
By: Jeffers, Oliver.
After safeguarding her heart in a bottle hung around her neck, a girl finds the bottle growing heavier and her interest in things around her becoming smaller.
By: Maier, Inger M.
Emily introduces her younger brother, Ben, to butterflies, which he calls "flying flowers," and when his illness makes him too weak to go see them she draws him pictures, but after his death she no longer wants to draw happy things.
By: MacGregor, Cynthia.
Explains death, its effect on the living, and some of the beliefs, customs, and rituals associated with it.
By: Moundlic, Charlotte.
When his mother dies, a little boy is angry at his loss and does everything he can think of to hold onto the memory of her scent, her voice and the special things she did for him, until his grandmother shows him another way to feel that his mom's love is near.
By: Penn, Audrey, 1947-
After his mother explains why his classmate is not returning to school, she teaches Chester Raccoon how to make a memory.
By: Plourde, Lynn.
On her many walks with her grandfather, a young girl learns to appreciate life and deal with death.
By: Rodman, Mary Ann.
Even though Zach finds roller coasters scary, he rides one with Grandpa in an attempt to make him happy again after Grandma's death.
By: Rovere, Amy.
Emily and Ben cope with the loss of their mother to cancer and their relationships with their father, each other, and the people around them, in a story that uses nature as a backdrop for the cycle of life and emphasizes hope and healing.
By: Soetoro-Ng, Maya, 1970-
Suhaila's wish to know her deceased grandmother is granted when a golden ladder appears at her window and Grandma Annie invites her on a journey to the Moon, where they welcome people who are facing tragedy.
By: Viorst, Judith.
A little boy learns that even though his cat has died, he is still doing good things.
By: Wild, Margaret, 1948-
One day when Harry comes home from school, his faithful companion Hopper isn't there to greet him, in a touching story about the process of healing after losing a beloved pet.
By: Lean, Sarah.
Fifth-grader Cally Louise Fisher stops talking, partly because her father and brother never speak of her mother who died a year earlier, but visions of her mother, friendships with a homeless man and a disabled boy, and a huge dog ensure that she still communicates.
By: MacLachlan, Patricia.
Sharing wonderful nature walks on the prairie with his beloved grandfather, young Jake initially resists and then considers his grandfather's request, made when the old man falls seriously ill, to rebuild the little sod house where he grew up.
By: Park, Barbara.
Her world turned upside down when her brother Mick, one of the most alive people she knows, is killed in a bike accident, Phoebe Harte copes with terrible loss and sadness.
By: Paterson, Katherine.
Jess Aarons gains the strength to cope with unexpected tragedy by going to a secret kingdom in the woods invented by Leslie Burke, a newcomer to his rural Virginia community.
By: Rocklin, Joanne.
As ten-year-old Oona and her younger brother conspire to break their sick cat Zook out of the veterinary clinic, Oona tells the story of Zook's previous lives.
By: Rylant, Cynthia.
After the death of the beloved aunt who has raised her, twelve-year-old Summer and her uncle Ob leave their West Virginia trailer in search of the strength to go on living.
By: Silberberg, Alan.
Ever since his mother died, nothing has gone right for 13-year-old geek Milo Cruikshank, and his family and home just aren't the same, but Milo handles his frustrations with sincerity, humor and heart.
By: Wells, Rosemary.
Jennie is as close to her grandfather as a mouse can be, and when he suddenly dies she keeps thinking she sees him turning a corner, sitting on a bench, heading for the pier, or walking along their beloved beach, seeking the elusive Queen's teacup seashell.