Early Chapter Books

By: Abbott, Tony.
After entering the tiny room under the stairs, three friends find themselves in a magic world of shiny red men and flying lizards, and they face great challenges in order to survive and make their way back home.
By: Adler, David A.
When a collectible basketball is stolen from a retiring coach after a game, Cam uses her photographic memory to solve the mystery.
By: Benton, Jim.
Creating a suit that will make her look the part of a real politician, Franny makes a strong run for class president, but when she begins to make promises she can't keep in exchange for votes, Franny soon realizes the error of her ways and makes a change for the better.
By: Blade, Adam.
Hoping to reverse the magic that turned his father into a ghost, Tom must figure out a way to get the second piece of the Amulet of Avantia from Equinus, a spirit horse who steals life forces.
By: Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.
In an all-new, geography-themed chapter book adventure, Stanley; his brother, Arthur; and their dad are off to Africa, where a flat skull has been discovered, but the family's going to have to get past the African wildlife if they're going to make it down the river to the archaeologists' camp! Simultaneous.
By: Capeci, Anne.
Arnold and the rest of Ms. Frizzle's class know they are heading for an exciting food chain field trip when their teacher arrives at school wearing a dress covered with plants and animals.
By: DiCamillo, Kate.
Going to the drive-in movie with Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mercy the pig is thrilled when he notices the smell of real butter on popcorn wafting in the air and so ventures off on a personal mission to get some of the tasty treat when the convertible top is dropped!
By: Gannett, Ruth Stiles.
A little boy tells about his father's adventures on an island where the animals are endowed with human traits.
By: Giff, Patricia Reilly.
Fearing he will not fit in at the Afternoon Center because of what he perceives to be his lack of talent, newcomer Mitchell McCabe wears his "I'm Number One" t-shirt in the hope of finding inspiration and anticipates being the only kid who will not win a prize on Prize Day.
By: Greene, Stephanie.
Donning a tutu whenever she needs to feel brave, Posey struggles through a school assignment about a neighbor's dog while hiding the truth about her fear of dogs, a challenge she suspects will not be helped by her tutu.
By: Gutman, Dan.
The weirdness never stops! Oh no! Kids are getting too unhealthy, so Ella Mentry School has hired a health teacher to help the kids eat right and exercise. Ms. Leakey is a real health nut. She makes a punching bag filled with junk food! She designs a robot that smokes and drinks! She opens up a fast food restaurant that sells broccoli burgers! She puts sunscreen on her car!
By: Klein, Abby.
Freddy sets up an experiment for his science fair project, but after his mother accidentally throws it away, he has to come up with a solution that will save the day.
By: Kline, Suzy.
A special Valentine's Day card helps third-grader Harry overcome his fear of climbing the rope in gym class.
By: Lester, Alison.
In a rural Australian town, best friends Bonnie and Sam, who share a mutual love of horses, watch in amazement as a farm horse and a wild horse, identical in appearance, trade places.
By: McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
Akimbo and his cousin Kosi accompany a scientist into the African bush to study the behavior of a troop of baboons.
By: Meadows, Daisy.
After the shell that Shannon the ocean fairy plays to protect the sea creatures is shattered, Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker must help Stephanie the starfish fairy recover the fifth piece of the shard being protected by her companion, Spike.
By: Miles, Ellen.
When Liz meets a mischievous young pug named Pugsley while working at her aunt's day care center for dogs, she steps in to train Pugsley so that he can get a good owner.
By: Montgomery, R. A.
During a hike through the nearby woods, the reader stumbles upon a mysterious tree inhabited by magical, talking owls, in a multiple-plot fantasy adventure.
By: Osborne, Mary Pope.
Magic Tree House companions Jack and Annie embark on a two-part adventure to help the 16th president, traveling through time twice to come to Lincoln's aid, first as a young boy and then again during his presidency.
By: Park, Barbara.
During Lucille's Easter Egg Hunt at her big fancy mansion, Junie B. wreaks hilarious havoc when she gets stuck wearing a dumb bunny suit instead of hunting for eggs, but the day is not a total bust due to an eggstraspecial surprise.
By: Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.
In spite of a phony clue and trouble from a fierce cat, Nate the Great is able to use his skills of detection to find the remaining parts of an incomplete message left mysteriously on his doorstep.
By: Stone, Rex.
Tom and Jamie find themselves chasing a velociraptor into Dino World after it steals the Fossil Finder.
By: Scieszka, Jon.
Joe, Fred, and Sam demonstrate some of their favorite professional wrestling moves, including the "Time Warp Trio Blind Ninja Smackdown," when they're transported to ancient Rome and forced to fight as gladiators in the Colosseum.
By: Thaler, Mike, 1936-
With everyone excited about baseball tryouts, Hubie hopes that practice and a new mitten nicknamed Grabber will help him make the team.
By: Wallace, Rich.
Nine-year-old Ben, a natural athlete and member of the Bobcats co-ed soccer team, wants to overcome his inexperience and prove himself on the field, but his obnoxious teammate, Mark, keeps hogging the ball.