Great Books for Boys

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By: Aronson, Marc.
Presents a collection of exciting trivia for boys, including information on supercars, pizza statistics, and nature's deadliest poisons, and provides tips on such subjects as fighting sharks, creating codes, and escaping.
By: Avi, 1937-
Branded as traitors by the king's authorities, Crispin and his guardian, Bear, flee to coastal towns in fourteenth-century England, where they perform a musical juggling act and bond as a family after befriending a disfigured girl.
By: Clayton, Emma.
In a world where all signs of nature have been obliterated and a wall keeps out plague-ridden animals, Mika refuses to believe that his twin sister was killed after being abducted, and continues to search for her in spite of the danger.
By: Clements, Andrew, 1949-
Fifth-grade language arts teacher Mrs. Granger comes to regret her lesson that language is controlled by human beings when Nick Allen begins a wildly successful campaign to rename the ballpoint pen. Reprint.
By: Corder, Zizou.
In the near future, a boy with the ability to speak the language of cats sets out from London to seek his kidnapped parents and finds himself on a Paris-bound circus ship learning to train lions.
By: Cottrell Boyce, Frank.
Frequently mistaken for an adult because of his mature appearance, 12-year-old Liam tires of the few benefits he's been able to take advantage of as a result and cons his way onto a spaceship for civilians by pretending to be an adult chaperone, a situation that lands him between worlds far from home. 40,000 first printing.
By: Coville, Bruce.
A timid boy, eager to frighten the school bully on Halloween night, acquires a magic ring and the power to change himself into a hideous monster.
By: Curtis, Christopher Paul.
A wonderful middle-grade novel narrated by Kenny, 9, about his middle-class black family, the Weird Watsons of Flint, Michigan. When Kenny's 13-year-old brother, Byron, gets to be too much trouble, they head South to Birmingham to visit Grandma, the one person who can shape him up. And they happen to be in Birmingham when Grandma's church is blown up.
By: Davis, Eleanor, 1983-
Eleven-year-old Julian Calendar thought changing schools would mean leaving his "nerdy" persona behind, but instead he forms an alliance with fellow inventors Greta and Ben and works with them to prevent an adult from using one of their gadgets for nefarious purposes.
By: Flanagan, John (John Anthony)
When fifteen-year-old Will is rejected by battleschool, he becomes the reluctant apprentice to the mysterious Ranger Halt, and winds up protecting the kingdom from danger.
By: Gaiman, Neil.
After the grisly murder of his entire family, a toddler wanders into a graveyard where the ghosts and other supernatural residents agree to raise him as one of their own.
By: Gantos, Jack.
Joey Pigza is a nice kid who happens to get into a lot trouble, from sticking his finger in the pencil sharpener and swallowing his house key, to running with scissors, but when he ends up in the district special-ed program, he knows he must stop making bad choices.
By: Gidwitz, Adam.
Follows Hansel and Gretel as they walk out of their own story and into eight more tales, encountering such wicked creatures as witches, along with kindly strangers and other helpful folk. Based in part on the Grimms' fairy tales Faithful Johannes, Hanseland Gretel, The seven ravens, Brother and sister, The robber bridegroom, and The devil and his three golden hairs.
By: Haddix, Margaret Peterson.
Due to government restrictions on family size, Luke is born an illegal third child who must hide from sight for his own safety, yet when he secretly encounters another "shadow child" on the connecting farm, Luke is willing to take big risks to develop the friendship. Reprint.
By: Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
After the death of the uncle who had been his guardian, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is coerced to continue his uncle's dangerous work for Britain's intelligence agency, MI6.
By: Lubar, David.
Tired of continually having his feelings hurt by popular students and bullies, fifth-grader Nathan agrees to try an experimental formula, Hurt-Be-Gone, and becomes a half-dead zombie, a condition which, he soon discovers, has some real advantages.
By: O'Connor, Barbara.
After Owen captures an enormous bullfrog, names it Tooley Graham, then has to release it, he and two friends try to use a small submarine that fell from a passing train to search for Tooley in the Carter, Georgia, pond it came from, while avoiding nosy neighbor Viola.
By: Paulsen, Gary.
After he is given his grandfather's old lawnmower and begins mowing lawns to earn a bit of money, a twelve-year-old boy is greatly changed as his business grows, he meets a financial adviser, and he makes a good investment in a prizefighter named Joey Pow. Reprint.
By: Paver, Michelle.
Twelve-year-old Torak and his guide, a wolf cub, set out on a dangerous journey to fulfill an oath the boy made to his dying father to destroy a demon-possessed bear that threatens all the clans.
By: Preus, Margi.
In 1841, after he is rescued from a remote island by an American whaler, teenage Manjiro, who dreams of becoming a samurai, learns new laws and customs as he becomes the first Japanese person to set foot in the United States.
By: Rex, Adam, ill.
A collection of humorous stories featuring a teenaged mummy, a homicidal turkey and the world’s largest pool of chocolate milk includes works by such writers as Adam Rex, Eoin Colfer, Kate DiCamillo and David Lubar. 15,000 first printing.
By: Scott, Michael, 1959-
When the legend that Nicholas Flamel lives due to his ability to make the elixir for life is discovered to be true, Dr. John Dee begins his plot to steal the Book of Abraham the Mage from him in order to rule the world, but knowing that they are the only ones with the power to stop him, Josh and Sophie quickly set their own plan in motion to do so. Reprint.
By: Selznick, Brian.
Employing the form he created in his trailblazing debut novel, <IT>The Invention of Hugo Cabret<RO>, the Caldecott Medal-winning author/illustrator once again takes readers on an awe-inspiring journey that tells the story of 12-year-old Ben, who leaves his Minnesota home in 1977 to seek the father he never knew in New York City, and there meets Rose, who is also longing for something that is missing from her life.
By: Smith, Roland, 1951-
After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, Marty and Grace go to live with their scientist uncle and accompany him on an increasingly dangerous expedition to New Zealand to track a giant squid.
By: Spinelli, Jerry.
After his parents die, Jeffrey Lionel Magee's life becomes legendary, as he accomplishes athletic and other feats which awe and inspire everyone around him.