New Baby

By: Burningham, John.
A young boy imagines what life will be like when his new sibling arrives.
By: Roth, Carol.
Through rhyming text and soft watercolors, young animals and a little boy are reassured that their mothers will still love them after the new baby -- or kittens, or cub -- arrives.
By: Appelt, Kathi, 1954-
The arrival of a new little brother has his big sister singing the blues.
By: Sears, William, 1939-
A pediatrician and registered nurse tell soon-to-be older siblings about a new baby's needs and demands, and suggest ways that they can participate in the new baby's care. 50,000 first printing.
By: Sears, William, 1939-
Offers children expecting a new brother or sister information on what is happening and guidance through the waiting process.
By: Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960-
An all-knowing big sister gives her baby sibling lessons in being a baby.
By: Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg.
Angus the Answer Dog helps explain the activities and changes involved in having a new baby in the house and the feelings experienced by older brothers and sisters.
By: Cole, Joanna.
A sister enumerates the joys of welcoming a new baby to the family and the advantages of already being "big."
By: Cole, Joanna.
A child observes all the things that his new baby brother does and gives all the reasons why he loves being a big brother.