Home Delivery Service

Can’t come to the library? We can deliver Library materials to your door! This service is reserved for those with insurmountable barriers to accessing the Library. We are committed to providing you with this service as long as your circumstances require it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Delivery Service

Q. How Do I Sign Up?
A. There are three options for signing up:  1) You can apply online. 2) You can print out the application and mail it to us. 3) You can ask for an Outreach Services Application at the service desk in any of Kitsap Regional Library's locations. When we receive your application, an Outreach Specialist will contact you.

Q. When Will I Receive My Materials?
A. Items are delivered on a regular monthly schedule. When your application is approved, the Outreach Specialist will tell you when deliveries are scheduled for your region of the county. 

Q. Will You Help Me Find Good Books and Movies?
A. If you would like our assistance, we will do our best to provide you with materials that reflect your interests and information needs. 

Q. Can I place my own holds?
A. We encourage those with internet access to use the KRL online catalog to browse and place their own hold requests.

Q. Are There Any Fees for Outreach Services?
A. There are no additional fees. However, fees may be assessed according to library policy for lost or damaged items.


Depository Collections

The Kitsap Regional Library Depository Service is provided free of charge to facilities where residents have significant obstacles to accessing library service at one of our Library locations. The depository collections are books delivered in bulk on a regular schedule. They are checked out to the facility, not to individual readers, so that personal library cards are not required for residents to enjoy the use of these materials. Each deposit contains a variety of materials representing diverse reading interests, but the depository service does not accommodate special requests.