Set in Washington State

By: Banerjee, Anjali.
When his beloved grandfather Bapu dies, Anu, devastated by this loss, is determined to find a way to bring Bapu's spirit back and enlists the help of his friends Izzy and Unger, and Karnak the Magician.
By: Banerjee, Anjali.
Eleven-year-old Poppy Ray longs to be a veterinarian and goes to spend a month during the summer with her uncle Sanjay, a veterinarian and owner of the Furry Friends Animal Clinic on an island off the Washington coast.
By: Buckingham, Royce.
When Nat, the weirdest boy in Seattle, leaves for a date with the plainest girl in town, chaos breaks out in the houseful of demons of which he is the sole guardian.
By: Franklin, Kristine L.
In 1925, in a small Washington State community made up of families from different ethnic backgrounds, twelve-year-old Cuss tries to stay in school as he watches those around him struggle with various financial difficulties.
By: Frazier, Sundee Tucker, 1968-
Brendan Buckley, a biracial ten-year-old, applies his scientific problem-solving ability and newfound interest in rocks and minerals to connect with his white grandfather, the president of Puyallup Rock Club, and to learn why he and Brendan's mother are estranged.
By: Hobbs, Will.
After a ship goes down off the coast of Washington's Cape Flattery, leaving no apparent survivors, Nathan MacAllister, the son of the local lighthouse keeper, is baffled to discover mysterious footprints on the beach and follows a trail that leads to a lost treasure.
By: Hobbs, Will.
Fourteen-year-old Shannon and her little brother, Cody, spend the summer with their uncle, helping at a wildlife rescue center named Jackie's Wild Seattle.
By: Holm, Jennifer L.
Accepting a proposal of marriage to a man she barely knows in order to escape her unpromising life in Philadelphia, Jane embarks on a sea voyage to mid-19th-century Washington Territory, a journey that poses unexpected challenges. By the Newbery Honor-winning author of <IT>Penny from Heaven<RO>. Simultaneous.
By: Holm, Jennifer L.
As the only girl in a family of seven brothers, May Amelia Jackson resents being expected to act like a lady while growing up in Washington state in
By: Kehret, Peg.
Thirteen-year-old Bonnie has a feeling of foreboding on the very day that her six-year-old brother Matt and their dog Pookie are abducted, and she becomes involved in a major search effort as well as a frightening adventure.
By: Kehret, Peg.
After meeting the ghost of a long-dead coal miner, young Josh takes on a strange and morbid task for his spiritual acquaintance in order to help him finally be able to rest in peace, but things become even more curious as he begins digging in the cemetery--causing a curious Josh to worry that he might have gotten into something way over his head.
By: Kirkpatrick, Katherine.
A dramatic historical novel of greed, betrayal, and intrigue follows sixteen-year-old Emeline McCullough, who is tired of working in the mills, as she is unexpectedly plunged into a world of danger when she joins Asa Mercer, a gentleman who plans to resettle orphan daughters and widows of Union soldiers in Seattle, Washington, on the <IT>Continental<RO>.
By: Larson, Kirby.
Desperately waiting to learn the fate of her soldier brother who was stationed aboard the <IT>Arizona <RO>during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Piper struggles with strict rationing and blackouts in her Seattle home before her pastor father moves the family to an internment camp with his Japanese-American congregants. 60,000 first printing.
By: Martin, Nora.
In 1889 in the islands off the coast of Washington State, thirteen-year-old Clementine pulls a nearly drowned Chinese man out of the sea and begins to suspect that her beloved uncle may have been involved in his attempted murder as well as other treacherous deeds.In 1889, thirteen-year-old Clementine pulls a nearly drowned Chinese man out of the sea and begins to suspect that her beloved uncle may have been involved in his attempted murder as well as other treacherous deeds.
By: Patneaude, David.
On Whidbey Island, Washington, fourteen-year-old Casey has two goals--to become an excellent basketball player like her mother was, and to find the hit-and-run driver who injured her and killed her mother nine years earlier.
By: Smith, Roland, 1951-
Dylan's father joins a sasquatch-hunting team to stop them from killing the elusive creature, so Dylan decides to shadow the party with the help of the aging biologist, Samuel Johnson and discovers trouble at every turn.