Help me! I've got Homework already!

School is back in session and teachers aren’t even easing us back into homework season. It’s alright though, the Library’s got you covered and we are always open at Let me walk you through a few of our great online homework resources.

Step 1: Head to our website

Step 2: Hover over the “Research” heading and select “Homework Help”

Step 3: Find your library card.

Step 4: Get all the best homework help the Library has to offer, online, for free.

Reviving Childhood Pastimes in a Digital Age

I grew up with a passion for reading Encyclopedia Britannica, the alluring leather volumes (brown for adults, red for the “Junior” version) proudly on display in our living room. I especially relished every picture, every article about dog breeds and animals of all kinds. I decided being an international Zoologist would be a good career for me. Actually, becoming an Adult Services Librarian was a great fit for my lifetime curiosity about, well, pretty much everything.


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