Music to My Ears - September CD Releases

September has been a treasure trove of CDs releases. Here are a few I'm going to get from the library.

The Beatles – Live at the Hollywood Bowl

The latest Fab Four release is a remastered collection of songs taken from the three concerts they did at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964-65. The disc includes four, never released versions of their tunes.

Bon Iver – 22, A Million

Music to My Ears - Bumbershoot 2016

My first Bumbershoot was in 1989. The highlight was Ry Cooder with David Lindley, Nick Lowe and Flaco Jimenez. It was in Key Arena with a very small crowd and I was in the center with my Bumbershoot buddy John, leaning on the stage barriers.

I’ve been to many, many Bumbershoots since, mostly attending all three days. The weather doesn’t always cooperate. I remember it raining so hard one afternoon that I signed up for a Seattle Times subscription just so I could get the free umbrella, which inverted on the first moderate gust of wind. Oh well.

Music to My Ears – The Sounds of Summer

When I was growing up we had an old Ford station wagon that my mother would fill with kids in the summertime and drive to Biscay Pond for swimming lessons. The car had an 8 track player and we had three tapes, Glen Campbell - Gentle on My Mind, Paul McCartney - McCartney I (Cherries) and Herb Alpert – Fresh Cream, and an AM radio. Between the 8 tracks and the Top 40 sounds from WRKO in Boston we had music.

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