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As the calendar flips from September to October, it is undeniable that we are firmly in the throes of autumn. The changing season brings us all the classic signs of fall: overcast skies and rainy weather, our friends and neighbors proudly wearing Seahawks' colors and back to school madness! Not to worry beleaguered parents and stressed-out students, Kitsap Regional Library has your academic needs covered.

Dive into Something New!

Fall is a magical time of year. Students of all ages return to school, nights lengthen, the weather changes seemingly overnight and life returns to a somewhat  more predictable rhythm (especially if one has school-aged children).

Fall is also an excellent time to try/learn something new. Our society tends to emphasize new things in January, but fall can be a wonderful time of new beginnings as well. After all, learning something new can be especially rewarding as the nights get colder and longer.

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