Post-Truth, Alternative Facts, Fake News—What’s Next?

It seems as if these are new terms that we just began hearing about during the 2016 presidential election.  But lies and lying are hardly new.  In fact, I remember a book that was first published in 2005 titled On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt.  It surprised me because it turned into a best seller.  Critics called it a “gem of psychological insight, social commentary, philosophical analyses and good humor.”  The popular nonfiction author Sam Harris published a book titled Lying in 2013.  In it he suggested that we can improve our lives and our society by telling the truth in sit

What's My Source?

Many afternoons you'll find students doing homework and research projects at home or at the library. Librarians love to help students navigate through all the information they find on the Internet, especially in finding current, relevant, and accurate sources. With all the information available on the Internet, it can be challenging to make sure what you've found online is a reliable source for a project. 

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