Having the Talk...Help!

In this day in age, there are lots of “talks” we need to have with our children. So many in fact, I often get overwhelmed (as a parent) and paralysis sets in. But one talk that has been tried and true for some time is the sex talk. Looking back at my childhood and adolescence, the sex talk happened once around puberty and that was it. Our parents took a deep breath and had at it, usually a boy with his father and a girl with her mother. I think both kids and parents wanted it to end as fast as possible, never to be mentioned again.

Talking About Race: Our Children, Ourselves

Act. This is the word that has echoed in my mind all summer. In June, I was attending a vigil to honor the victims of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and this word was repeated throughout one of the speeches by a local activist. She emphasized that it is not enough to simply attend a vigil or feel badly about what is happening. Instead, one must act and find the thing that is most important to her or him. I have associated the devastating event in Florida as the beginning of what has been a summer of tragic events both globally and locally.

Youth Media Awards: And the Winners Are...

January is one of my favorite months--it is a new year ripe with possibility and most importantly it is when the Youth Media Awards are given to the best of the best in children's and teen literature. The awards are given annually at the American Library Association's midwinter conference. The 2016 awards were announced this morning at 8:00 am in Boston. Before I unveil the winners and honor books, I want to tell you a little bit more about the awards and some of my favorite reads this year that may have been contenders for the awards.

STEM: Not Just for School

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has become an emphasis in many schools throughout the United States.You have probably noticed that here at Kitsap Regional Library, we offer STEM programs for children and teens. So why the push? Youth need to be grounded in these subjects as they start to navigate life in the 21st century, especially in their career paths. STEM jobs are steadily increasing and it is important that youth are prepared to successfully enter these professions.

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