Teen Short Story Contest Past Winners

2012 Short Story Contest Winners

Grades 7-9
First Place: Julia Batson (Bainbridge), “The Curry Queen”-- Reading{C}
Second Place: Catherine Massie (Poulsbo), “Ex Libris"
Third Place: Cameron McConnell (Silverdale), “Courage”

Grades 10-12
First Place (tie): Megan Gleason (Bainbridge), “The World Beyond the Fence”-- Reading
First Place (tie): Maggie Levine (Kingston), “Never Let Me Go”
Second Place: Rebecca Osborne (Poulsbo), “Iron Curtain”
Third Place (tie): Josiah Asido (Poulsbo), “The Escape from Agryx Lab”
Third Place (tie): Margaret Graves (Poulsbo), “A Case of Mistaken Insanity”


2011 Short Story Contest Winners

Grades 7-9
First Place: Emily Ward (Poulsbo), “A Mouse Named Shawna”  --  Reading
Second Place: Gillian McCormick (Poulsbo), “The Journal of H. E. Is; A Personal Account of The Trains" --  Interview  Reading
Third Place: Alana Fiske (Bainbridge Island), “Not Really Him”

Grades 10-12
First Place: Aoife Lurlay (Poulsbo), “Through Eyes of Light” -- Interview  Reading
Second Place: Megan Gleason (Bainbridge Island), “Landslide”  -- Interview 
Third Place: Sydney Allen (Poulsbo), “A Walk in the City, A Rest on the Tracks”  -- Inteview  Reading