Teen Short Story Contest Past Winners

Memorial Day Holiday Closure

All locations of Kitsap Regional Library will be closed Monday, May 25 for Memorial Day.

2012 Short Story Contest Winners

Grades 7-9
First Place: Julia Batson (Bainbridge), “The Curry Queen”-- Reading{C}
Second Place: Catherine Massie (Poulsbo), “Ex Libris"
Third Place: Cameron McConnell (Silverdale), “Courage”

Grades 10-12
First Place (tie): Megan Gleason (Bainbridge), “The World Beyond the Fence”-- Reading
First Place (tie): Maggie Levine (Kingston), “Never Let Me Go”
Second Place: Rebecca Osborne (Poulsbo), “Iron Curtain”
Third Place (tie): Josiah Asido (Poulsbo), “The Escape from Agryx Lab”
Third Place (tie): Margaret Graves (Poulsbo), “A Case of Mistaken Insanity”


2011 Short Story Contest Winners

Grades 7-9
First Place: Emily Ward (Poulsbo), “A Mouse Named Shawna”  --  Reading
Second Place: Gillian McCormick (Poulsbo), “The Journal of H. E. Is; A Personal Account of The Trains" --  Interview  Reading
Third Place: Alana Fiske (Bainbridge Island), “Not Really Him”

Grades 10-12
First Place: Aoife Lurlay (Poulsbo), “Through Eyes of Light” -- Interview  Reading
Second Place: Megan Gleason (Bainbridge Island), “Landslide”  -- Interview 
Third Place: Sydney Allen (Poulsbo), “A Walk in the City, A Rest on the Tracks”  -- Inteview  Reading