Travel Books--April 2014

By: Grenade, Rafael de, 1980-
"A young woman is airlifted to join a small crew on an abandoned Australian cattle station and drags feral cattle in from the wild, resulting in a spellbinding story that challenges notions of wildness and domestication, contrasting the pastoral with thebrutality of modern ranching"--Provided by publisher.
By: Vatikiotis, Michael R. J., 1957- author.
For the armchair traveler in each of us comes <i>Indonesia Islands of the Imagination</i>. Featuring over 140 full-color photos showcasing breathtaking scenery from Bali to New Guinea and everywhere in between, this book is a remarkable photographic chronicle of the world's largest archipelago. From the famous tropical island of Bali, to the bustling capital city of Jakarta, and outer islands like Sumatra and Sulawesi that are steeped in ancient tribal lore and traditions, photographer Jill Gocher and writer Michael Vatikiotis bring us an exquisite portrait of Indonesia's fascinating peoples and places.
By: Kumar, Amitava, 1963-
<DIV>It is not only the past that lies in ruins in Patna, it is also the present. But that is not the only truth about the city that Amitava Kumar explores in this vivid, entertaining account of his hometown. We accompany him through many Patnas, the myriad cities locked within the city—the shabby reality of the present-day capital of Bihar; Pataliputra, the storied city of emperors; the dreamlike embodiment of the city in the minds and hearts of those who have escaped contemporary Patna's confines. Full of fascinating observations and impressions, <I>A Matter of Rats</I> reveals a challenging and enduring city that exerts a lasting pull on all those who drift into its orbit.<BR><BR>Kumar's ruminations on one of the world's oldest cities, the capital of India's poorest province, are also a meditation on how to write about place. His memory is partial. All he has going for him is his attentiveness. He carefully observes everything that surrounds him in Patna: rats and poets, artists and politicians, a girl's picture in a historian's study, and a sheet of paper on his mother's desk. The result is this unique book, as cutting as it is honest.<BR></DIV>
By: Scheller, William.
A photographic portrait of the City of Light celebrates the beauty and culture of such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame while offering insight into Paris' enduring architectural influence.
By: Wilson, Edward O.
"E.O. Wilson, one of the most celebrated scientists in the United States, shows why biodiversity is vital to the future of Earth and to our own species through the story of an African national park that may be the most diverse place on earth, in a gorgeously illustrated book"--