Kitsap Regional Library offers wireless "Wi-Fi" access for properly equipped laptops, tablets, and other devices at each branch library. Coverage varies per building, but typically includes 90% of the public seating. In some cases, coverage extends to the parking lot!

Advantages of such access include:

  • No enforced time limits! Connect as long as you like.
  • You can download files from the Internet!

Questions? Call the Computer Room at 360-405-9131 or email

Technical Information

Wireless software and hardware varies as do the operating systems you may use on your device, so we can't give you precise instructions. In many cases you need do nothing to hook up, but you might need to check the following. In your wireless software:

Your laptop or other device must conform to the "802.11b" standard, commonly known as "Wi-Fi." New laptops often come standard with a wireless interface. Older laptops with a PCMCIA slot or USB port can be retro-fitted with a network interface card (NIC) for about $80 or even less. Most laptops come automatically configured to pick up the wireless signal.

The "Service Set Identifier" (SSID) should be set to "KRL Public Access"

The "Wireless Mode" should be set to "Infrastructure." (The only other choice would be "ad hoc.")

In Network Neighborhood Properties (right click Network Neighborhood and click on "Properties"), click on the Wireless TCP/IP adapter setting and look at its properties. Ensure you have checked "Obtain an IP address automatically."

If you use Windows 2000 or XP and have more than one adapter, you may have to disable the one you are not using.Some adapters have a physical switch (which is very small) that must be turned on in order to connect to the Internet.Most wireless software has an indicator that tells you a signal is being received. Make sure the link quality and signal strength are both at least "good." If not, move about the room to a location that allows a stronger signal. Click on Internet Explorer and the Internet should come right up!

The library does not offer mail service with Wireless connections. You must use your own Internet Service Provider. We do not provide outgoing SMTP service.