For more than 100 years, public libraries in Kitsap County have been places where people could try something new and be inspired.

Over the years, libraries have changed significantly. But our image did not.

Kitsap Regional Library's new brand, unveiled April 2, 2015, communicates who we are, what we do and what we hope to do in the future. The Library has moved far beyond the world of books. It's no longer about the products we provide. It's about the opportunities we create for the people of Kitsap County.

The history of Kitsap Regional Library is one of creativity and persistence. Each of our libraries was imagined, built and cultivated with love by the individual communities that they represent. The communities of Kitsap came together to form a regional library system, knowing if they worked together each of these libraries could become so much more.

Our new brand speaks of a library that is dedicated to a thriving, literate community, working hard to bridge the digital divide. Our new brand is action. It tells the tale of place where you can go and think big thoughts or play with little ideas. It is community, creativity and innovation.

See our news release about our brand launch.

Inspire | our quarterly guide to classes & culture

Kitsap Regional Library's brand is best represented by our new publication, "Inspire," you can see "Inspire" online.