Board of Directors


President Executive Director
Brian Wicks Wendy Kile
Orthopedic Defense Services, President
Current Term: 2018-2021 360-405-9115
Past President Assistant Director
Kathy Cocus Kari Driskell
Kitsap Economic Development Alliance/Business Development Director
Current Term: 2017-2020 360-475-9039
Treasurer Admin Assistant
Kara Hops Kelly Eastman
CHI Franciscan Health, Accounting Supervisor
Current Term: 2018-2021 360-405-9101
Adele LaCombe  
Debbie Macomber, Inc., CEO  
Current Term: 2017-2020  
Sheila Danielson  
City of Poulsbo, Accounting Manager  
Current Term: 2019-2021  
Erik Fong  
Winged Eagles Consulting, Owner; Affirma Consulting; Salesforce Consultant  
Current Term: 2020-2022  
Wendy Hampton  
Hampton Studios, Owner  
Current Term: 2017-2020  
Ilys Hernandez  
Retired from Ketron Cottage Child Study and Treatment Center, Psychiatric Social Worker  
Current Term: 2017-2020  
Ann Vogel  
Charles Wright Academy, Substitute Teacher  
Current Term: 2017-2020