A New Library in Silverdale

The Silverdale branch is central to inspiring learning, connecting people and creating new stories. To meet the needs of a growing community, we’ve partnered with the Central Kitsap School District to build a new Library in Silverdale. In the fall of 2018, a partnership was launched to relocate the Library in Silverdale to the south end of the Central Kitsap High School campus. With two schools, multiple sports fields and tennis courts, a 900-seat auditorium and a family-friendly walking trail, the campus is expertly focused on enriching our community’s kids. With a new public library, this campus becomes an invaluable place for the whole community.

Grand Opening April 2!

We're excited to announce the grand opening of the new Silverdale library at 3650 NW Anderson Hill Rd Silverdale, WA will be 10 a.m. on April 2. See you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this library expand on what the current library in Silverdale already offers?  
The current library in Silverdale has a rich history and has been a community treasure, well used and loved by the 10,000 people who visit it monthly. Thirty years ago, the community identified a need for a new library. Since that time, the Central Kitsap community has grown by 300 percent. The new library solves the numerous challenges of this building that has become too small to serve the community's rapidly growing needs while also offering even more of what our community has been asking for.  

Will this library replace the school's library? 
No, they are already doing outstanding work! The Central Kitsap School District will continue to provide library services specific to their students' needs. While also serving the broader Kitsap community, Kitsap Regional Library will support the school's efforts by offering students a place to go after school and additional homework support and resources. 

What will happen to the current library building? What about the property on Bucklin Hill Road? 
Owned by Kitsap Regional Library, the current building and the Bucklin Hill Road site will be sold at fair market value. While most of the new library is funded by donor contributions through the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation and the Silverdale Friends of the Library, profits from these sales have been factored into the funding needed to build the library.  

Are the meeting rooms open to all?  
Meeting rooms will be open to all during library hours. Some spaces will be accessible on a first-come, first-served basis, while others will be reservable online.

This New Library Will Feature: 

  • Spaces to meet and study: This spacious, flexible building will offer seven meeting and study areas, creating places to learn and work or simply take a phone call. There is even a room with beautiful Dyes Inlet views, large enough to host events for as many as 125 people.  
  • Room for everyone: The smallest gatherings are a challenge in the current space. At 12,000 sq. ft., the new library is more than double the size offering more places for people to come together. And with double the seating, there is sure to be a tranquil place to sit and read as well! 
  • Access to critical technology: In Kitsap county, the Library is the number one place for computer use and training. This new library will empower us to serve even more people daily by offering 60% more free access computers to the public.  
  • Parking, parking and more parking: The twelve parking spaces at the current library creates difficulty for the more than 600 people that visit daily, especially if you just want to grab that hold you've been waiting for. The new library will boast more than 100 parking spaces, ensuring you can drop by, even on the busiest afternoons.  
  • Places to play outdoors: The Central Kitsap School District Campus currently features walking trails and sports fields. As part of the updates to come, the campus will offer a walking path to the YMCA and a new playground right next to the Library. 

To learn more about this project visit supportKRL.org. Our new location opens at 3650 NW Anderson Hill Rd Silverdale, WA.

Our Work in Progress!