How Do I Check Out the Telescope? 

  • Check it out here
  • There are no age restrictions to check out the telescope kit. 
  • Kits circulate for three weeks.
  • Overdue fees are 25 cents/day, up to $5. 
  • Kits more than 21 days overdue will be considered lost and the full value will be charged to the patron’s account until the kit is returned.

What Do I Look at with the Telescope?

  • Refer to the enclosed book and star guide to locate objects in the night sky for viewing.
  • The EZ Finder II Spotting Scope requires two AAA batteries. The batteries are not provided.
  • Consult the operator’s manual for instructions on telescope operation. 
  • Our local astronomy groups* can help with an in-depth approach to how to operate the telescope and what objects to look at in the night sky.

How Do I Pack the Telescope in the Tote?

  • Align the telescope in the tote as shown in the photo. The book, star guide, manual and FAQs can be tucked between the foam padding in the side of the tote.

How Do I Return the Telescope Kit to the Library?

  • Do not put telescopes or components in or near book drops. 
  • Return the kit to library staff during open hours.

What Happens If I Damage or Lose the Telescope?

  • If you damage or lose the telescope or items in the kit, you will be charged to fix or replace the item(s).

Replacement Costs

  • Telescope: $220
  • EZ Finder II Spotting Scope: $20
  • Eye piece: $80
  • Eyepiece lens cap: $5
  • Large lens cap: $5
  • Book, ”The Stars” by H.A. Rey: $10 
  • ”Guide to the Stars Map”: $15
  • Telescope Manual: $5
  • Telescope Kit Tote: $50

Made Possible by Our Partners

Battle Point Astronomical Association, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Kingston areas:  (206) 842-9152; 

Olympic Astronomical Society, Silverdale, Bremerton and Port Orchard areas:

And a grant from the Bainbridge Island Community Foundation:

Thank you!