Kitsap Regional Library provides test and exam monitoring service to students as part of our role as a community place and in support of lifelong learning. While we expect to be able to meet the requirement of most requests for a monitoring service, we do have some limitations.

Does the Library offer test or exam monitoring?

Yes, this service is available at most Library locations during normal open hours. Currently, we are not able to offer this service at the Little Boston location. The Library does not charge a fee for the service but any costs, such as printing, postage and faxing, are the responsibility of the student. Staff members who may provide monitoring are branch managers, librarians, library associates and supervisors. Please also note that exams are administered in a public area where there is some ambient noise.


How do I make arrangements?

In advance, contact the Library location where you would like to take the test and request a monitor. Provide the Library staff member with your full name and contact information and the name of the school or institution that will be sending the exam. If the institution requires a signed monitor’s statement before the exam will be sent, please present that in person at your Library location when making the initial arrangements. Provide your school or institution with the monitor’s contact information so that the exam may be sent.

All paper tests should be sent through the mail to “Certified Librarian” so that the student is not bound to a single staff member’s schedule for test monitoring. The Library will hold tests for sixty days or until the test’s stated deadline. If the student does not pick up the test by that time, it will be returned to the school or institution. The student will be charged for the cost of the returning the materials.


What if it is an online test?

Please tell Library staff when you first begin making arrangements. The computer used for testing must be reserved in advance. The computer time allocated to a Library user in a 24-hour period is one hour; longer periods can be arranged if necessary. We are unable to download software or applications so please confirm what is required prior to the test. The Library cannot be responsible for its online equipment failure. If an online test is lost or Internet access is broken before the test can be completed, the student can make arrangements to retake the test at a later time.


What if it is a paper exam?

Your institution will send us the examination and related paperwork. Please contact the Library once the test has been received to determine a mutually agreeable testing date and time.


What should I bring with me when I take my test?

We will follow the testing requirements of your institution. Students have the responsibility of providing their own materials, such as pencils, pens, scratch paper, calculators or textbooks if allowed, etc. Appropriate photo identification must be presented. If it is an online test, you will need a Library card.


What happens after I take my exam?

Once the exam is completed, we will return it with any required paperwork as instructed by the school or agency. If there are postage, faxing or delivery fees, they are the responsibility of the student and must be prepaid.


The Library is able to:

  • Accept the exam.
  • Make an appointment to hand the exam to the student.
  • Accept payment for any postage, faxing or delivery fees when the student comes in.
  • Collect the exam from the student when it is completed.
  • Return the exam to the school.


The Library is unable to:

  • Provide a locked or secure place for the test.
  • Provide a quiet study room for exam taking.
  • Provide a staff member for one-on-one test monitoring.
  • Provide monitoring for large groups of students.
  • Mail the completed exams at times other than the regular Library mailing.
  • Arrange for courier or delivery pickup of completed exams.