Map It!

What is a map?

A map is a drawing that tells you about a place. It shows a view from above, like the view you get looking down from an airplane or a satellite.  A map also shows the view from below if it is a star map. 

“Map” comes from the Latin word “mappa,” meaning napkin or cloth, on which medieval maps were drawn.  However, maps have been made from many types of materials throughout history, including clay, stone, ivory, sticks and footprints!

Striving to Understand

What happened at the Pulse Club in Orlando on June 12 was a tragedy. 49 people were killed, and 53 more were injured. There are not words to express the horror of this event. But words seem to be called for, and words are definitely being used. As soon as this news was released, conversations started on social media, in homes, in coffee shops. There is hurt. There is pain. There is anger. There is misunderstanding.

I often feel helpless in the face of tragedy. I worry about what my response should be. Do I have a duty to respond publicly? Do I even have a right?

A Rainbow of Teen Reads

At a very special meeting last Wednesday night, the Sylvan Way Teen Advisory Board discussed their feelings about the tragedy in Orlando. The teens responded with empathy and thoughtfulness, and noted that it does not matter how far away, we are all connected. I listened to their comments and each person had a chance to reflect. When one community is in pain, all communities feel that pain. The teen group had an open dialog and many different viewpoints were shared with respect for all perspectives.

STEMify Your Summer

The below blog post was written by Cole, a BiblioTEC Intern at our Poulsbo location. BiblioTEC internships are supported by a grant through the Institute of Museum and Library Services and provide teens and young adults (ages 16-25) with the opportunity to gain real world job experience while developing 21st century skills. They also help to make the Library's youth STEM programs more awesome.

The Great Peninsula Conservancy connects with Books to Action!

This week we are so excited to welcome Conservation Director, Jonathan Decker, and Development Coordinator, Mary Zabinski, from the Great Peninsula Conservancy to Books to Action, a book group that combines reading and community discussion.

Join us Saturday, June 18, at 10:00am at the Sylvan Way Library!

We are discussing The Human Age: the world shaped by us by Diane Ackerman. The publisher description explains it best:

Music to My Ears – The Sounds of Summer

When I was growing up we had an old Ford station wagon that my mother would fill with kids in the summertime and drive to Biscay Pond for swimming lessons. The car had an 8 track player and we had three tapes, Glen Campbell - Gentle on My Mind, Paul McCartney - McCartney I (Cherries) and Herb Alpert – Fresh Cream, and an AM radio. Between the 8 tracks and the Top 40 sounds from WRKO in Boston we had music.


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