2024-2029 Strategic Direction

Thrive Ahead

2024-2029 Strategic Direction

Framework for Success

Our strategic vision charts our path, guiding decisions as we fulfill our mission and ensuring the Library inspires future generations to come.


Inspiring curiosity and connection.


A collaborative community inspired by curiosity and connection, so that all people have the opportunity to grow, belong, and thrive.


Priority Areas

A Future
& People

Our Strategic Direction

Strategy 1

Foster Welcoming & Belonging

Kitsap County’s diverse cultures, languages, and identities enrich our community. The Library is dedicated to fostering inclusive and equitable environments where all can actively participate, contribute, and thrive.

Strategy 2

Build Collective Impact

The Library is a facilitator of community collaboration, fostering dynamic partnerships to unite diverse strengths, talents, and perspectives, address challenges, and achieve shared goals. We are committed to exploring new possibilities to cultivate connections and deepen our collective impact.

Strategy 3

Thrive Ahead

Libraries and our communities are undergoing rapid changes. Thriving ahead, we will build an enduring, impactful Library for present and future generations. Our libraries will persist as sources of community pride, open and welcoming to all.


Kitsap Regional Library staff, valued community organizations, and the residents of Kitsap County generously contributed their time, voices, vision, and dreams to shape this strategic plan. Your dedication and involvement are instrumental in guiding our Library toward a brighter, more inclusive future. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

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