Gardening with Kids

If the daffodils, cherry blossoms, and tulips sprouting everywhere didn’t convince you, then last weeks’ beautiful warm weather must have shown that spring is officially here. And what’s a better way to spend spring outside than gardening? I may only have a balcony with container planters instead of a yard with a garden, but I’m still itching to plant tomatoes, carrots, and green beans. While it may still be a bit early for planting vegetables, it’s not too early to start preparing your garden—and your little gardener—for what’s to come.

Animals Behaving Badly

I can't quite explain it, but I can tell you this: ever since daylight savings time last week, my cats have been out of control.  This isn’t all necessarily new behavior, but they are chasing invisible shadows like never before; scaling curtains to bold and valiant heights; and clawing furniture like it’s going out of style. When we gained that one hour, my cats gained a whole new bag of tricks.

Presidential elections: the primary edition

Presidential elections are such interesting things.  So many nuances. The combination of federal, state, and county rules can be confusing.  With presidential hopefuls visiting our state, and the Democratic party's caucus next week, I wanted to share some resources I've found that can help give further information if you're interested in learning more about the election process.

Reviving Childhood Pastimes in a Digital Age

I grew up with a passion for reading Encyclopedia Britannica, the alluring leather volumes (brown for adults, red for the “Junior” version) proudly on display in our living room. I especially relished every picture, every article about dog breeds and animals of all kinds. I decided being an international Zoologist would be a good career for me. Actually, becoming an Adult Services Librarian was a great fit for my lifetime curiosity about, well, pretty much everything.

The Comfort of Rereading

There are two types of readers in this world: those that reread and those that do not. I am an unashamed rereader.

Everyone has a coping mechanism for dealing with stress. It can be spending time with family, binge watching shows on Netflix, exercising, taking a road trip, shopping, or eating comfort food. My coping mechanism is reading comfort books. 

Raspberry Pi Day

On March 14, math geeks the world around gather to recite the number pi to the furthest decimal they can. How far can you go without looking it up

There are so many ways to celebrate Pi Day. You could calculate the circumference of a fresh baked pie or you could try out Raspberry Pi. Despite its delicious name, it is not the kind of pie you can take 3.14 slices of-- Raspberry Pi is a micro-sized computer that can run full linux and help emerging programmers with the designs of their dreams. 


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