Celebrating Dads

My dad was an amazing person. He was a school custodian, and he loved kids - he especially loved my sister and I. Did I every tell you about the time I gave him a rock for Father's Day? I was really young and didn't have any money. At the time, I remember I was collecting rocks, and one of my most recent acquisitions was a small piece of petrified wood. It was so cool, and I remember my dad explaining to me how the rock I held in my hand had been a tree long before my great, great...great grandfather had been born.

Distracted Parenting

We have become so consumed by our digital devices that police now patrol for distracted drivers. Sometimes I think it would be great if there were patrols monitoring for distracted parenting and I, just as much as anyone else, would definitely get a ticket. Distracted parenting is pervasive and I am writing about this from the perspective as both a librarian and a parent. As a librarian, I notice parents consistently on their phones during storytime or when they are with their children looking for books.

Kitsap Farmers Markets Opening Weekend

Spring is finally here! Now is the time for planting seeds. If digging in the dirt isn't your thing, what about supporting our local economy? Local farmers grow amazing food in our neck of the woods. You can meet many of them at farmer's markets around the county, almost every day of the week!  Two markets open this weekend, with others to follow shortly after.

Below is a list of local markets with their dates and times courtesy of their websites. 

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