Bainbridge Island Teen Services Librarian Gem Seddon Co-Authors Book

Spooky season may have just drawn to a close, but for Bainbridge Island Teen Services Librarian Gem Seddon, there's no expiry date when it comes to discussing or penning her passion for the world of cinema, particularly the thrilling genre of horror.

Hailing from England, Gem has been a Kitsap County resident for 11 years. She began work in the area as an intern at the Northwest Film Forum, cataloging their film vault. In 2016, she joined the Library and currently serves as the Teen Services Librarian at the Bainbridge Island branch.

Outside of work, she has been a freelance entertainment journalist for 12 years. She crafts monthly articles for TechRadar and Regal Cinemas, alongside managing and writing for her blog, "Highway to Horror," which delves into the eerie locales featured in horror films.

Whether at work or out discovering spooky exhibits, Gem says she "likes to integrate her interests where possible and appropriate." Every week, during Teen Space, she facilitates a movie and discussion. She also co-hosted the Teen Writers Workshop for two years with local author Rayne Lacko. Gem says she "always tries to support teens wanting to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)."

Recently, Gem co-authored "The Screen Traveler's Guide," which invites cinephiles to travel the globe, visiting the locations behind blockbuster movies and binge-worthy TV shows.

Described as the "essential travel guide for every screen lover," the opportunity to contribute to this remarkable work arose when a publishing company, impressed by her horror film blog, sought Gem out. She shares, "An editor approached me from Dorling Kindersley through my freelance writing site, which showcases my portfolio. Once I read the brief, I was given the option to choose from all of the films and TV shows they intended to cover and select a handful. After that, I received in-depth overviews of how to structure each piece, source, and cite and how the revision process would work. Following the first six entries I completed, I was approached to write additional lists that would appear throughout the book."

About the opportunity, Gem says, "Being approached to contribute was honestly a dream come true; I had to Google the editor as I thought someone was pulling my leg."

When asked what advice she would share with those interested in writing, she answers, "Spend time figuring out when you feel most creative and base a writing schedule around it. For me, I'm at my best first thing in the morning and then late at night. It varies for everyone, and it's worth taking a minute to find your sweet spot. Oh, and don't compare your output with other writers! Comparison is the thief of joy."

Congratulations, Gem!