Downtown Bremerton is Back

The Bremerton - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. branch is open! After a several months-long closure during which the Library has been working collaboratively with the building owner, the City of Bremerton, to complete essential upgrades, the branch is now ready for you to visit and enjoy refreshed amenities.

The primary focus of this project has been the installation of a much-needed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, addressing the challenge of maintaining a comfortable environment for library visitors. The unique construction of this historic building presented significant challenges, but the City’s dedication to this project has been unwavering.

While the building was temporarily closed for these critical HVAC improvements, the Library took the opportunity to enhance the facility further. This included a comprehensive upgrade of the network cabling to support the growing demand for technology within the library. 

Our libraries play a critical role in their communities by providing shelter as warming and cooling centers in extreme weather. Previous to this closure, this branch has had a history of unscheduled closures in extreme weather due to the lack of heating and cooling support in the building. Now, our Bremerton - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. branch can also serve our community in this way.

Welcome back!