Purchasing Guidelines for Authors

Author Purchase Suggestion

Authors, suggest your book for the Kitsap Regional Library collection. Library staff use criteria outlined in the Collection Development Policy, opens a new window to make purchase decisions. 

This form is intended for authors. To make an Interlibrary Loan or Purchase Request for a title you'd like to see in our collection, use the Purchase Request & Interlibrary Loan form, opens a new window.

Before submitting your work, keep in mind the following: 

Commercially published books are more likely to be included in the collection if a significant review journal has featured them. Self-published books are more likely to be included in the collection if they've been reviewed positively in an established review source. If you donate a copy of your work, donated materials become the property of Kitsap Regional Library. The Library maintains the right to include it in the collection, and donated materials will not be returned to donors.

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