The Board of Trustees is comprised of five members appointed by the Kitsap County Commissioners to represent the five geographic regions of Kitsap County.  The Board of Trustees selects a Library Director to whom the Board delegates the authority and responsibility for the administration of the Library. This includes the development of the Library’s annual operating and capital budgets, authorization and oversight of all major expenditures and policies relating to staff and public services. The Board of Trustees reviews, provides recommendations and is responsible for the final approval of all policies and budgets.  The regular monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees are oopen, public meetings and public attendance is welcomed to share opinions, concerns, ideas and learn about areas of interest.

Committees of the KRL Board of Trustees, including, but not limited to, the Finance Committee, the Policies and Procedures Committee and/or the Strategic and Long-Range Planning Committee meet at 4:30 p.m. prior to the regular monthly meeting. The regular monthly meetings of the Library Board of Trustees as a whole for the calendar year 2022 shall be held on the following dates and locations; provided that, if required by law to follow state safety guidelines, any meeting may be held using a virtual format as set forth in a posted legal notice:

  • January 25, Sylvan Way Branch or Zoom meeting; meeting ID 83805736164 and passcode 501482
  • February 22, Sylvan Way Branch or Zoom meeting; meeting ID 86020487450 and passcode 333803 
  • March 22, Silverdale Branch or Zoom meeting; meeting ID 85098276345 and passcode 591396
  • April 26, Poulsbo Branch or Zoom meeting; meeting ID 88449378040 and passcode 759081
  • May 24, Port Orchard Branch Zoom virtual live stream meeting; via phone, call 888-788-0099 and use meeting ID 83485714390 and passcode 423016*
  • June 28, Kingston Branch Zoom virtual live stream meeting; via phone, call 888-788-0099 and use meeting ID 89941435173 and passcode 552081
  • July 26, Little Boston Branch Zoom virtual live stream meetingvia phone, call 888-788-0099 and use meeting ID 88099689718 and passcode 645433
  • August 23, Downtown Bremerton Branch or Zoom meeting, TBD
  • September 27, Manchester Branch or Zoom meeting, TBD
  • October 25, Bainbridge Island Branch or Zoom meeting, TBD
  • November 22, Sylvan Way Branch or Zoom meeting, TBD
  • December 20, Sylvan Way Branch or Zoom meeting, TBD

Special Meeting:  The Kitsap Regional Library Board of Trustees has scheduled a special meeting to review, discuss and possibly take action regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Washington Public Employees Association/UFCW, Local 365, and Kitsap Regional Library on Thursday, May 26, at 9:00 a.m. There will be no time allotted for public comment. This meeting will be held virtually. You can access the agenda and login information for this meeting at To watch the meeting via live stream, please visit: To join the meeting via phone please call: 888-788-0099 and enter meeting ID: 88255691287 and passcode: 670526. 

*Please note:  Zoom may require entering a name and email if you are not joining the virtual meeting using the live streaming link provided above.  In addition, for those unable to attend the live meetings, these meetings will be recorded and made available on this Trustees webpage to access at a later date.

More Information About Board of Trustees Meetings

The Kitsap Regional Library Board of Trustees conducts paperless meetings. To access the Board meeting agendas and minutes, governing by-laws, policies and/or budget information, click on the appropriate link provided here.  To provide increased access to our Board meetings, as of May 24, 2022, the virtual format will be recorded and posted after the meeting.  Closed captions will also be available.  Please be aware, captions are auto-generated and may contain errors.

Public comments/correspondence instructions for meetings using a virtual format:  Public comments and/or questions may be submitted only in writing by mail to Board of Trustees, 1301 Sylvan Way, Bremerton, WA 98310 or by email to Comments shall include the name, street address and organization affiliation, if any, of the submitter and comments submitted by email should also include the email address of the submitter. Anonymous comments will not be accepted. Comments and/or questions meeting the Board's "Public Comment Guidelines" that are received by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the meeting date will be read into the record.

General correspondence to the Board should be addressed to:
Board of Trustees
Kitsap Regional Library
1301 Sylvan Way
Bremerton, WA 98310

If you would like additional information, please contact Tammy Jeffries, Executive Assistant, at 360-405-9158 or