Preventing Summer Slide

Summer Learning has begun and all of the Youth Services Librarians at Kitsap Regional Library have been visiting schools and getting kids and teens excited about reading and learning! There are definite incentives for reading at the library. If you read ten hours, you get a free book of your choice and a ticket to the Kitsap County Fair. If you read 100 hours, you get to pick one of our limited edition 100 hour reader t-shirts and you get your picture on our Facebook page.

Get Outside

We’ve had quite a few warm and sunny days here in Kitsap County, which makes me think that our summer season is finally here! Many of you may be furiously planning last minute vacations, camps, or activities for your kiddos to do once school is out. My family tends to be last minute planners, as much as I try to force us to be otherwise, so I’m totally with you. In the midst of figuring out the perfect summer for your kids (and participating in Summer Learning, of course), I want to remind you of an activity so simple you may overlook it—going outside.

Celebrating Dads

My dad was an amazing person. He was a school custodian, and he loved kids - he especially loved my sister and I. Did I every tell you about the time I gave him a rock for Father's Day? I was really young and didn't have any money. At the time, I remember I was collecting rocks, and one of my most recent acquisitions was a small piece of petrified wood. It was so cool, and I remember my dad explaining to me how the rock I held in my hand had been a tree long before my great, great...great grandfather had been born.

Being a good neighbor

One thing I love to do as a librarian is put up book displays. This month, as I gathered books on the theme of "Be a Good Neighbor," I found titles that really energized me and put me in a good mood. After all, the Samaritan spirit fills you with enthusiasm, goodwill, compassion and inspiration.

You have the ability to change the world. Whether your world is your city, your neighborhood, your circle of friends, your family, or within yourself, you can change it! All you have to do is choose to say yes to whatever is calling you.


I am a librarian of many trades. By day, I am a book cheerleader; an advocate for youth, a storyteller extraordinaire, a juggler of many projects and meetings; and a research fiend, amongst many other things that might come to your mind when you think of a librarian, and a heap of things that probably don’t. By night (and sometimes early morning if I am feeling super motivated!), I am a concert-goer; a writer; a book hoarder; an instrument learner; a hiker; a crafter; a wannabe movie-enthusiast; and in an on-again, off-again love/hate relationship with the gym.

Make a Difference in Local Transportation

During our Community Conversations, you told us that you care – a lot! – about transportation in Kitsap County. But it can be hard to know how to make a difference or have your voice heard. The Library can help you there! We’re always happy to help you find information about ways to make an impact on your community.

This month, Kitsap Transit is seeking your input to help develop their plans for the future. Until June 5th, you have several ways to weigh in with your opinions and ideas.


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