To the Library: A Third Grade Adventure

Research shows that third grade is a critical point in a child’s education where students transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Learning to read proficiently and discovering a lifelong love of reading is a milestone at this age that impacts the successful continuation of a student’s educational career.

Each year, the Library partners with the public schools in Kitsap County to introduce third graders to Kitsap Regional Library. This field trip experience has become a rite of passage for students and for many of them, it’s their first time at the Library.

Our Heroes

Reading is a superpower, and third-grade students are our inspiration behind this community initiative. To the Library is designed to empower third graders to read proficiently with the support from the Library, Kitsap Regional Library Foundation, Kitsap County public schools and our community partners.

We hope each student will leave the Library with a broader understanding of the opportunities, support, and resources available to them.

How Does My Child Participate?

A librarian visits your child’s school, virtually or in person, to give an overview of the upcoming tour, bolster excitement, and answer initial questions about the Library.

Students join the librarian on a virtual or in-person field trip to their local Library.

Guided by the librarian, students explore the Library and discover all the resources available to them.

In completing the tour, each student is provided with a gift bag of goodies including their very own book to take home and for many of them, their first library card account.

To the Library is funded in part by generous donors of Kitsap Regional Library Foundation and Friends of the Library groups.

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