Get Messy This Summer—With Bubbles!

Add bubble fun to your summer and learn about surface tension and evaporation at the same time. Last month, I tried a new bubble solution recipe that called for sugar. Now, you can get some fun bubbles from combining water with dishwashing liquid. Adding a little bit of sugar and letting the solution sit overnight leads to big, long-lasting bubbles! Plus, the bubble mixture was just right for blowing bubbles inside other bubbles. Sound impossible?

Try this:

Grown-Ups, Let's Give the Kids a Little Summer Learning Competition

As we edge toward the end of summer (North Kitsap School District students start school again on August 31) library staff has been delighted by a steady stream of children who have completed their ten hours of reading for Summer Learning. Nothing makes us happier than getting to talk with the sometimes shy, sometimes not so shy, young people who patiently wait in line in order to proudly show staff their completed trackers and receive their prizes- a book and a Kitsap County Fair ticket.

Summer Lego Fun

Today's blog post is brought to you by special guest blogger Lia Johansen, BiblioTEC Intern at the Bainbridge Island Library. 

Summer is the perfect time for kids to play with LEGOS. Not only are LEGOS fun to play with, they also strengthen creative and problem solving skills. Kids can build fancy dream castles to fast sports cars; there are endless numbers of LEGO creations.

The Wonderful World of Reptiles

As a children’s librarian, I have the extreme joy of watching kids get excited and genuinely interested in learning about a wide variety of subjects. Their thirst for knowledge is ever growing, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to connect them with experiences to satiate their curiosities. One subject that never seems to fail in piquing the interest of inquiring minds is reptiles. There is just something about these (mostly) cold-blooded tetrapods that continues to fascinate people. While reptiles might not be for everyone, they are definitely a huge crowd pleaser for many.

Kitchen Table, Anyone?

No one is making me write about our Community Conversations this month, but I have to tell you, I was totally surprised and impressed with the dynamic and heartfelt experience we had last week holding a Community Conversation with our own Poulsbo library staff. I was so moved by the authenticity of the things that were expressed there, as staff “took off their work hats” and spoke from the heart, as people who live here and care deeply about their neighbors, their town, their farm.

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